Mindful Birthing Classes with Full Bloom Birth

I provide all the practical information you would get in a hospital course, but go further than that. I offer a blend of approaches to prepare you more fully for the experience of childbirth. This class focuses on the physiology of birth- comfort measures, coping techniques, & positions; the emotional side of birth and using mindfulness; choices and options- common interventions, decision making, routine care; and postpartum- recovery, preparing to breastfeed, & the first weeks.

Visit nrvbirth.com for more information and e-mail: juliefox.nrvbirth@gmail.com to contact her.

Upcoming Class Series: 

10-Hour Group Classes  $150 per couple

Private Classes- $250

Six hours of childbirth education to fit your schedule. Contact for more information.

Birthing Again Group Class- $100

A class designed perfectly for those who have already birthed.

Rhythm of Birth Childbirth and Postpartum Courses Online & Live Virtual Training

I know you are excited about being pregnant and preparing for your birth! Worried about the pain of labor?  I hear ya!  It is NORMAL to be afraid of the pain.  Learning to cope with pain in childbirth isn’t just for the super crunchy!  However you plan to birth, being prepared mentally for labor and the unexpected; exhaustion, medical interventions, and difficult decisions that arise is crucial to experiencing peace and embracing your birth and postpartum experience.  These courses incorporate Birthing From Within® Principles.

It is so important to prepare for labor AND prepare for life after birth.  You can begin preparing during pregnancy to minimize the risk of postpartum depression and experience postpartum peace, joy, and  . . . bliss as you are caring for your baby. Here is a little secret, the postpartum period is NOT defined as a disorder or disease.  It is not just the first 6 weeks after your baby is born.  It's about the transition after birth AND navigating the early years with your child.  It is crucial to have guidance, a plan, and support during pregnancy, birth, and through the toddler years!