Birth and Postpartum Doulas

A Birth Doula:

  • A Birth Doula recognizes birth as a key life experience that the mother will remember all her life.

  • understands the physiology of birth and the emotional needs of a woman in labor.

  • assists the woman and her partner in preparing for and carrying out their plans for the birth.

  • stays by the side of the laboring woman throughout the entire labor.

  • provides emotional support, physical comfort measures, an objective viewpoint and assistance to the woman in getting the information she needs to make good decisions.

  • facilitates communication between the laboring woman, her partner and clinical care providers.

  • perceives her role as one who nurtures and protects the woman's memory of her birth experience.

A Postpartum Doula:

A postpartum doula provides evidenced based information on things such as infant feeding, emotional and physical recovery from birth, mother–baby bonding, infant soothing, and basic newborn care.

A postpartum doula is there to help a new family in those first days and weeks after bringing home a new baby. Research shows that moms, dads and babies have an easier time with this transition if a good support team is in place.

Doulas do NOT:

There are a few characteristics a doula is not. She is not acting as a nurse or midwife, so she does not provide clinical care such as doing examinations on you or checking your baby's heartbeat. The support a doula provides fits together with, but does not replace, the care of your doctor, midwife, or nurses.  She also does not come between your husband or partner. She does not make decisions for you, or speak for you. She will encourage and help guide your partner to support and empower you!  This is your birth, your baby, your life! A doula supports you by providing information and explanations you may want about your choices, but it's always you who decides what's best for you.

NRV Doula practices in alphabetical order. 

Please contact individual Doulas directly to inquire about their services and classes!

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Tara Daystar of Ancient Roots Midwifery & Doula Care


Tara Daystar began her birth work journey as a midwife before falling in love with the Doula role. Her care is always tailored to clients' unique needs and desires.  Tara views birth as inherently sacred, and honors all paths to birth.  Her work focuses on building strengths, resiliency and understanding in the birth process.  Special offerings include private and group childbirth education classes, birth and postpartum doula services, birth and prenatal bodywork, in-home breastfeeding support, belly mapping and baby positioning support.  Her experience includes waterbirth, cesarean, VBAC, twins, home and hospital birth, hypnobirthing, postpartum depression and higher risk pregnancy support.  Tara has been supporting families in birth since 2010 and has attended over 150 births.  Se habla espanol. LGBTQ friendly.  Tara serves Roanoke, Floyd and the New River Valley and lives and homesteads in Floyd with her husband and son.


Visit for more information or to set up a free consultation.

Julie Fox of Full Bloom Birth

Julie is a MSW who currently works as a birth Doula, childbirth educator, parenting educator, breastfeeding support counselor. She is a mother of two and has worked with families for over 10 years. Julie has experience with hospital birth, homebirth, VBAC, cesarean and waterbirth. Julie offers childbirth education and Doula packages catered to individual needs and in both group and private settings. Consultations are free!    

Visit for more information and e-mail or call:,  (540)-200-5525 to contact her.

Doula LLC

Doula LLC

Shalene provides birth Doula support, childbirth preparation classes, bodywork, breastfeeding and postpartum support, free consultations, and referrals to pregnant couples/ singles in the NRV, Roanoke, and surrounding areas.  Shalene is a wife, mother of 2, and is experienced in unmedicated hospital/ home birth, cesarean, twin, waterbirth, and VBAC birth and is certified as a Doula and childbirth educator through Birthing From Within®.  Rhythm of Birth supports couples regardless of where or how they plan to give birth.  In her childbirth classes, Shalene teaches pain coping practices, the mental mindset to cope with the intensity of labor, and awareness of every aspect of birth.  She is honored to support and hold the space for women in labor!

Visit for more information and email or call (540)-759-4056 to contact her.

Pooping in labor is not a topic at the top of your list to discuss at a dinner party or over coffee, but it is an anxiety many women bear alone when preparing for their birth. Read personal stories of pregnant women, their partners, and birth professionals of their anxiety of pooping during labor. Learn about the physiology of pushing, why pooping happens, and how it is managed during birth. This book will help relieve your anxiety, prepare you to completely let go of the fear of pooping, and add a little humor to your mind as you approach labor.

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Brenda Rose of Roanoke Birth Services

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Brenda is Student Midwife, Birth Assistant, Birth Doula and Childbirth Educator serving Roanoke, the New River Valley and surrounding areas. She is experienced in Hospital Birth and Home Birth. She is an advocate for the rights of childbearing women and loves to support families in their birth journey. She has experience with special needs birth and breastfeeding. She lives in Cave Spring with her husband and two children.

Visit for more information and email or call (540) 519-8060 to contact her.

Postpartum Doulas & Placenta Encapsulation

Jessie Hirsh, Placenta Lady & Postpartum Doula of Chicadee Mom


You deserve compassionate postpartum care;  Allow yourself to be nurtured in this delicate, passionate and memorable season of your life. 

Jessie provides evidenced based information and assistance on infant feeding, emotional and physical recovery from birth, mother-baby bonding, infant soothing, and basic newborn care.

Jessie has been practicing placenta encapsulation since 2009 - long before it became mainstream. Placenta encapsulation involves preparing and dehydrating the placenta, grinding it into a fine powder, and then encapsulating it into vegetarian grade capsules. Doing so will enable you to ingest your placenta slowly over time, in a very palatable way. Pricing starts at $180 for the immediate Roanoke and Salem areas and the average is around $200 for travel as far as the Carillion NRV hospital in Christiansburg/Radford. Jessie has had clients as far as Lynchburg, Martinsville and Floyd. Payment plans and bartering arrangements are always available! 

Contact her via or 540-206-6414.

Visit her website:

Dr. Katie is a Family Medicine physician in Direct Primary Care in Christiansburg, VA. Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a membership model of healthcare that removes the entanglements of insurance companies in order to provide more personalized care and direct access to your physician. Dr Katie offers a postpartum package of services to members and non-members, including weekly visits for mother and newborn in the comfort of your own home for the first 2 months after birth. All family medicine services are included in the price, however tests and medications are not. Non-members have the option to become full DPC members after the package is complete. 

Visit her website:  e-mail at or call(540) 251-1394.

Breast Feeding Support

La Leche League of Blacksburg and the New River Valley

La Leche League of Blacksburg and the New River Valley is an international mother-to-mother breastfeeding information and support group. Trained Leaders (who have also breastfed their children) lead meetings and help mothers through via telephone, as well. LLL of Blacksburg and the NRV meetings are open to all women interested in breastfeeding. Meetings occur on the first Tuesday morning of each month at 10 AM and the second Tuesday evening of each month at 6:30 PM. Meetings are currently held at Blacksburg Christian Church (no affiliation). Leaders can be called for personal support at any time.

Contact via Facebook and, through it, join our online mother-to-mother Facebook support community.

The Lactation Center & Shoppe at Carilion New River Valley Medical Center offers consultations with board certified lactation consultants, before of after the birth of your baby. We are available seven days a week for any breastfeeding couplet, whether or not they delivered here at CNRVMC. We also have a variety of products available, including breast-pumps and parts, breastfeeding supplies and bras, newborn sleep sacks, and birthing gowns. An appointment is required to be seen, so please call to schedule ahead of time before coming in.

Call (540) 731-2267 and visit their website: The Lactation Center and Shoppe.