Dr. Katie is a Family Medicine physician in Direct Primary Care in Christiansburg, VA. Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a membership model of healthcare that removes the entanglements of insurance companies in order to provide more personalized care and direct access to your physician. Dr Katie offers a postpartum package of services to members and non-members, including weekly visits for mother and newborn in the comfort of your own home for the first 2 months after birth. All family medicine services are included in the price, however tests and medications are not. Non-members have the option to become full DPC members after the package is complete. 

Visit her website: edsonfp.com  e-mail at drkatie@edsonfp.com or call (540) 251-1394.

Dr. A. Hope Tobey

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Dr. Tobey is a board certified pediatrician, board certified in Neuro-musculoskeletal medicine and Osteopathic Manual Medicine (OMM) and board member of the American Academy of Pediatric Osteopathy. She is skilled in osteopathic Manual medicine including osteopathy in the cranial and sacral fields. She specializes in providing gentle treatments that help support alignment, growth, proper development of infants and decrease symptoms of birth trauma, feeding difficulties, tongue tie, colic, reflux and much more. She believes that every baby and mother should be treated to restore harmony through their body. She is accepting new pediatric patients and expecting mothers for Osteopathic Manual Treatments.

Visit her website:  osteopathicsports.com or call (540) 232-8405.

Dr. Matthis is a chiropractor, father of three, and advocate for natural childbirth and healthy lifestyles. 

Visit his website: tuckclinic.com or contact via e-mail: lmatthis@tuckclinic.com or phone: 540-382-3000.

Dr. Tyler Garapola of Tuck Chiropractic Clinic


Dr. Garapola is a Christiansburg chiropractor who believes in a conservative, drug-free approach to solving the aches and pains so common in pregnancy.

Visit his website: tuckclinic.com or contact via e-mail: tgarapola@tuckclinic.com or phone: (540) 382-3000.



Dr. Jenna Montana of Cultivate Wellness


Dr. Jenna Montana is the founder and provider at Cultivate Wellness in Roanoke. My specialty is Functional Medicine, as well as being an integrative nutritionist, and certified acupuncturist. I am passionate about women's health, and conditions impacted by hormonal imbalance such as infertility, post-partum depression, chronic pain, fatigue, and gastrointestinal disorders. My master's degree in clinical nutrition allowed me to focus heavily on therapeutic use of foods and botanicals to support conditions such as Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, as well as numerous other gut-based conditions that affect children. I believe in working with a network of practitioners to cover all unique aspects of a person's health, and that the only way to serve others at our greatest capacity is to communicate, which is why NRV Birth Collective is a wonderful place to be.

If you would like to know more about Cultivate Wellness, please email, call, or visit my website! jennamontanadc@gmail.com, (540) 755-0221, www.cultivatewellnessva.com .


Brittany Kaseoru of Tapestry Massage and Yoga

Brittany offers prenatal and postnatal bodywork. Her sessions include slow and supported movement to alleviate pain and keep blood and lymph flowing. She was trained by Claire Marie Miller through Nurturing the Mother, but draws inspiration from her clients to continuously create new experiences on the massage table.

For more info on Brittany and her practice e-mail: BKaseoru@gmail.comor visit radfordtapestry.com.

Shalene Headshots-0049.jpg

Shalene offers prenatal and postpartum bodywork as part of her doula support prenatally, while supporting a laboring woman during her birth, and in early postpartum. She is certified through "Nurturing the Mother" by Claire Marie Miller. "Nurturing the Mother" utilizes a comfortable, secure side-laying position to avoid undue pressure on a growing abdomen and the lower back. Mothers are completely supported by pillows, keeping top hip, knee and ankle on the same level to avoid pulling on the sacroiliac joint and to maximize blood and lymph circulation.

Visit her website to learn more and to contact her: rhythmofbirth.com.


Emilce Sheppard of Acupuncture and Wellness Inc.

Emilce is a Licensed Acupuncturist and a Certified Pre and Postnatal Yoga Instructor and mother of one who resides in Blacksburg Va with her husband. She serves the New River, Roanoke Valley, and the surrounding areas. Emilce loves supporting clients through their journey before, during, and after pregnancy to assist with a healthy body, mind, and spirit. She offers appointments in her clinic, Acupuncture & Wellness Inc., in Blacksburg and also provides home visits, creating an individualized treatment for each client.

For more information on Emilce and her practice visit her website: acupuncturenrv.com and e-mail: acupuncturenrv@gmail.com or call: (540) 553-8005.