Erin Anderson, The SleepyTime Teacher



Erin is a certified Gentle Sleep Coach. She has been in practice since June 2012 and has helped countless tired families get the rest they so desperately need. As a mother and former sleep-deprived parent herself, Erin understands how exhausting, frustrating and overwhelming it can be to have a child that isn’t sleeping well. Therefore, it is her goal to give parents the guidance and support needed to help their children become better sleepers. Erin helps families create and implement a customized gentle sleep plan to solve their child’s behavioral sleep issues-without having to “cry-it-out”. She provides in-home consultations for families living in the local area, along with follow-up support throughout the training process. She is also able to offer the same level of service and support to families living outside of the local area, via phone or Skype.

“Working with Erin gave us our lives back! We thought it would be impossible to fix my daughter’s sleep issues, but within two weeks she was back to sleeping all night and taking naps longer than ever. Erin gave us daily advice and told us what to expect every step of the way. I cannot recommend Erin enough!” ~Leah, mother of 21 month old.

Visit her website: or contact via e-mail: or phone: 540-449-6749.

Candy Beers-Kim, M.S., Pediatric Sleep Consultant and Attuned Parenting Guide


Candy began her career as a preschool teacher while studying developmental psychology at Penn State.  It was at that point that she became very interested in the importance of relationships and experience in infancy and early childhood.  In graduate school, she focused her studies on nonverbal communication between parent and infant and continues to stay abreast of current research in attachment and interpersonal neurobiology.  She has had the privilege of studying with some of the top researchers in infant mental health and completed her pediatric sleep training with Dr. Angelique Millette.  The Millette Method™ is a multi-disciplinary evidence-based approach to family sleep developed out of Dr. Millette’s twenty-years of researching family sleep and assisting families with sleep challenges. The Millette Method™ does not follow one specific sleep method, but rather uses a tool-box of many different methods which can be modified to suit the child’s history and sleep issue. The Millette Method™ takes into account family schedule, infant/toddler/child development, temperament, feeding method, and parenting philosophy, all while keeping an eye on sleep deprivation, parental overwhelm, and attachment.

You can contact her via he website:

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